Need your own water source?

Water Well Construction

Types of Water Wells CWS installs:

  • Water Wells for your consumption, sanitation & irrigation needs.
  • Agricultural Wells for farms or personal garden.
  • Monitoring Wells & Well Networks for environmental & exploration firms.
  • Injection, Extraction & Recovery Wells.

Based and centrally located in Moore County, North Carolina, our service area extends across the southeastern United States. If you are in need of a well, do not hesitate to contact Clear Water Solutions at (910) 673-3002. We are OSHA certified, medically monitored and licensed drillers – setting the bar for water well services in our home state.

If your well has a problem, we can help.

Well problems?

CWS provides Repair Services

CWS Repair Services include:

  • Complete Water System Repair, for your home or business
  • Water Well Repair
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Water Filtration System Repairs

Fix my water!

Water issues?

CWS provides Water Filtration

CWS Water Filtration & Purification Systems includes…

the removal of:

  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Bacteria
  • Iron

And much more… We can also provide systems to produce ALKALINE water for your home and correct PH issues. Want your entire home or business to have high quality water from any faucet?  We can do that for you. Our Filtration Systems can be purchased or rented.