Why CWS?

Tradition, Experience & Integrity.

Why choose us?

It’s not just a job for us….

It’s a tradition.

Daniel Graham is VP of Clear Water Solutions and started Drilling and Constructing Water Well Sources at the tender age of 12 years old.  He learned from his father and has continued to work in the Well Drilling Industry for over 45 years. His Grandfather was also a Well Driller.  With the addition of his son, Ryan Graham to the team, we are a Fourth Generation Water Well Company.

Check out the dates on these documents…

Well Drilling has been a part of the Graham family since 1914! Here are a few photos from that span of 4-generations. Click to better see the photo  with a description.

It’s Our Experience:

Daniel Graham and his son have over 68 years of combined experience. Traveling throughout the United States to work in Mining, Coring, Drilling, and Repairing of all Well Types.  From Hazardous Waste and Pollution Clean-up projects, to waking up at 1am on a hot July night and making an emergency repair for a Poultry Farmer to save his flock. If you want the best, call CWS.

Daniel Graham

Well Drilling Rig

It’s Our Integrity:

Know what you’re getting.  
We use Commercial Level Products when we make installations or repairs for Water Systems. We also stay up to date with health code requirements for Water Systems and require our employees to atttend continuing education classes annually. We honor all of our warranties if the situation should arise. You owe it to your family, yourself, employees or your investment, to hire the most reliable and knowledgable company in the market today.

Well Construction

Get your own water-source…

Well Repair

Fix your water…

Water Filtration

Make your water safe…

Whatever your service needs – a new well, a well repaired, or water filtration – CWS has you covered.

MISC Services:

  • Water Well Exploration and Documentation with our Water Well Camera System.
  • Water Well Rehabilitation and Rejuvination of your Old Water Well.
  • Well Drilling Consulting Services.